The MetaplexTM Platform

MetaplexTM is a platform technology that is based on the synthesis of metal complexes inside biocompatible nano-scale reaction vessels (NRVs): structures that are about 100 times smaller than a red blood cell. Although studies have shown that metal-based complexes could have superior therapeutic activity over existing therapeutics in a wide range of disease indications, these products are often considered clinically irrelevant due to very poor aqueous solubility. The MetaplexTM technology allows these metal complexes to be synthesized and kept in solution within the biocompatible NRVs. The resulting products are suitable for pharmaceutical development including applications for oral, pulmonary, and parenteral delivery. The figure below illustrates the use of NRVs to prepare injectable formulations of metal complexes, using copper as an example.

metaplex technology explained V4-01

While metal-based therapeutics are of great interests to CPI, the MetaplexTM technology can also be used to facilitate the solubilization of new chemical entities (NCEs) without resorting to extreme pH conditions or use of co-solvents. As illustrated below, many NCEs cannot be readily tested due to poor solubility under physiological conditions. Some of these NCEs may benefit from the MetaplexTM platform wherein the presence of a metal ion enhances the aqueous solubility of the NCE without diminishing its therapeutic activity.

metaplex technology explained draft on NCE-01

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