Company Overview

CUPROUS Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CPI) is a Canadian biotechnology company; spun out from the British Columbia Cancer Agency. The inspiration for CPI came from an interest in developing copper-activated drugs for the treatment of aggressive cancers that are resistant to existing standard of care therapeutics. Importantly, copper- complexes, as well as other metal complexes in general, exhibit therapeutic potential when used to treat a plethora of clinical conditions including, but not limited to, bacterial infections, inflammatory diseases, neurological disorders as well as cancers. Despite the therapeutic potential of metal complexes there is a dearth of this class of drugs available for human use. There is a large gap between the chemistry creating these new drug candidates and their pre-clinical and clinical development. This gap has been addressed through use of CPI’s platform MetaplexTM technology. This technology enables the development of pharmaceutically viable formulations suitable for pre-clinical and clinical development. CPI is looking to establish partnerships with existing companies to co-develop novel metal-complexes designed to treat significant unmet medical needs.

Our Vision

MetalplexTM technology will enable the development of new classes of therapeutics with significant activity in patients with chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Our Mission

CUPROUS Pharmaceuticals Inc. will develop best-in-class small molecule nanomedicines through strategic partnerships.


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